Simple Fat Loss Tip

This is something that has been helping me lately. Ready for it? Do not eat as many calories on a NON training day, compared to a day that you workout/train. There you have it. Profound, I know.  Enjoy your weekend! 


I wanted to share a brief run down of my training priorities with all of you. These are the things I keep in mind and the things I do with my own training, as well as training for the people I work with.  1.) Moving Better & Feeling Good  Over the years of my young … More Priorities

Broccoli Sucks

I do not eat broccoli anymore. Something about it just does not agree with my body. I would prepare it with chicken or some other protein source for my meal preps and had to stop. Just about every time after I ate it, I would get an uncomfortable, ‘I feel like I’m going to throw … More Broccoli Sucks


The word strength, or strong, can mean many different things. To some, strong might mean that you have a 2.5-3x bodyweight deadlift. Perhaps it means that you can do 10 strict pull ups. Maybe it means that you can get up and down off the ground without an issue. Strength is dependent on your goals … More Strong

Train Smart

In my young career as a personal trainer, I have come across a concept in the last couple of years that has helped me tremendously, in gaining strength and staying fresh. I want to share it with you all.  This concept is called ‘Rep Speed’. When the speed of your repetition slows down, you are … More Train Smart