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We first learned how to do a segmental roll when we were babies. We saw an object we wanted that was out of reach, and with the help of our big ol’ head, attempted to reach that object and either flopped over to our back or our belly.  

Segmental rolling is used within our Original Strength Screen and Assessment and can also be seen within physical therapy or chiropractic clinics. It shows how well your ‘X’ is tied together. You have an ‘X’ pattern on the front and back of your body, connecting your left hip to opposite shoulder and right hip to opposite shoulder. Watching someone perform the segmental rolls, can show us if there is an asymmetry in one of the movement patterns. 

The rolling ‘Resets’ within Original Strength are my favorite resets to do. They help to tie my ‘X’ pattern together as well as lengthen my ‘X’ pattern. They feel good on my body and help my spine stay healthy. Rolling also activates our vestibular system, our balance & coordination center, as well as stimulating the proprioceptive system through all of the ground contact on our skin.

They especially feel good when I start the rolls from my belly, targeting my extension patterns. We spend most of our hours in flexion while driving, sitting at a desk, holding babies, or even when we sleep in the fetal position. The ‘X’ pattern on the front of your body starts to tighten up, so working the opposite direction is a must!  

Here is what the segmental roll looks like: 

Segmental Roll  

Along with the segmental roll, here are two of my other favorites that you can try: 

Half Roll 

When performing the half rolls with your arms, make sure your lower body is relaxed. When performing the half rolls with your legs, make sure your upper body is relaxed.

Frog Roll


I do these rolls just about everyday, especially after waking up. I use them as active recovery during sets of lifts and also as warm up/cool downs. These are great movement patterns to add into your life!  

If you want to learn more about Original Strength, you can contact me to set up a session, or you can visit their site by clicking here.  

You can also attend a workshop. There is one coming up in Austin, Tx in January and at the gym here in Sugar Land, Tx in March. Click the following links to sign up for one of them!  

Austin, Tx Workshop

Houston, Tx Workshop  

Take care and have a fantastic weekend. 

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