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Improve Your Turkish Get Up

The Turkish Get Up (TGU) is a common exercise in the kettlebell world. It is a great exercise/movement to have in your training program. Benefits include a stronger core, stronger/more stable shoulders, and improvements in your hips and upper back.

An issue I have seen with the TGU is in the lunge portion, both on the way up and on the way back down to the ground. It looks very awkward and unsteady for some people.

Here is a way you can work on solidifying that portion of the TGU.

Add in positional isometrics.

On your way up in the TGU, once your knee leaves the ground, hold that position for 5-10 seconds and on the way back down, before your knee touches the ground, hold that position for an additional 5-10 seconds.  

TGU ISO Lunge Example

This will help remove weak spots, develop more coordination, and control in that movement. 

Try adding this into your program during your TGU work for 2-4 weeks and let me know how it goes! 

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