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My body is feeling great, I look better in the mirror, and I know how to eat & train to reach certain goals that I may have. I get to enjoy every activity that our family gets into because I am strong and capable. I am motivated to stay active and healthy so that I can be a good example to my family and others around me. I want to stay strong and capable my entire life. The journey and the process of making myself better is very enjoyable to me.

I have been on the right track for years now, but it was not always that way…

There I was, plopped on the couch at my apartment in college. I was done playing on the football team and focusing on school now…and the bag of Cheetos next to me. The fridge was stocked with beer and I was set. After I hung up my cleats, I kept working out for a few weeks and then laziness set in. I was burned out. My life became playing video games, going to class, and continuing to eat whatever I wanted. It did not take long for me to start gaining a few pounds. The following semester my Dad passed away, so as you can imagine, things got worse. It was really tough on our family and still is. All motivation had left me and beer was for dessert most nights of the week. I was torn up and in a bad place. I quickly ballooned to an unhealthy 230 pounds. I was in a rut that I could not get out of and on some days did not care that I was in one. For a good year, I was angry, bitter, selfish, questioned my faith, and just was not myself. I met with a counselor at school and sometimes met with one when I was home. I needed help and needed to find ways to cope. At this time, I had recently started talking with a neighbor back home, whose last name is now Grimsley and the mother to our sons. I was in a dark place and she became my light. One day something clicked in me and I realized that I better get out of the funk I was in before I lost my chance with her. I think God hit me upside the head and knocked some sense in to me. Things in my life started to seem not as bad and I had hope again. Down the road we became engaged and I needed to look good for the honeymoon! That became my motivation to start exercising again. I got down to about 210 for the honeymoon and knew I could do better. I kept tweaking things in my diet and got after it in the gym. I stayed disciplined and learned how to eat better and was able to drop under 200 lbs. These days I am at around 190lbs, gaining strength, improving my endurance, and feeling better.

I wanted to share this as a reminder that there is light that awaits you. It may not be shining through just yet, but it will. Keep the faith and stay positive. The road to a healthy and strong life is not always smooth. Strength is more than how much weight you can lift, it is about what you can overcome.

I also wanted to share this because I did not change overnight. Small changes, consistently over time, lead to the “dramatic” results. I focus on simple, good nutritional guidelines, and make sure to move in some way each day. Knowing the things I know now, I definitely could have made faster results. Like I said earlier though, I have enjoyed the journey and the process of becoming a better trainer, person, husband, father, etc.  

You owe it to yourself, family, the Man upstairs, and friends to become healthy and capable. Once you do, you will notice a very positive ripple effect those around you.   

Get out there and make it happen!

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