Simple Science for Weight Loss

You have all of the answers in your hands. Results in life or the gym are all tied to YOUR actions. How do you find the answers? You experiment.

Let’s take the subject of weight loss, which I have experience with. I use to weigh a sloppy 230lbs. I currently weigh around 190lbs. When I finally decided enough was enough, I started out with simple science. 

Nom Noms and Beer Thirty

Let’s start with food and drinks. It is safe to say I was eating/drinking lots of crap. I love sweets and always had some beer stocked in the fridge. My portions were big and I usually had seconds…followed by some ice cream before bedtime.  

It can be overwhelming to do a complete overhaul of your habits and what foods you are putting in your body. With so much information on the web, it can get confusing and deter you from even starting because you do not know where to begin.

Put the responsibility in your hands and keep it simple and start now!


Enter the scientific method:

Ask a Question: How will my weight change if I stop going back for seconds?

Hypothesize: If I stop going back for seconds, then my weight will start to drop.

Experiment: Don’t go back for seconds for 2-3 weeks and observe what happens.

Results: I’ve lost some pounds, this feels great!


After those 2-3 weeks, let’s do it again:

Ask a Question: How will my weight change if I reduce the portion size on my plate?

Hypothesize: If I reduce the portion size, then my weight will drop even more.

Experiment: Carry out the new experiment and observe what happens with a reduced portion.

Results: I’ve lost a few more pounds and inches!


Rinse, wash, and repeat! It really is this simple. As you start with the most basic of questions and start finding answers, you then can start by getting more specific. Here are some other things you can get into:


  • The quality of food you are eating

  • The amount of carbs, protein, fats on your plate with each meal

  • How many meals a day you are eating

When you start asking questions and experimenting you start getting results. Some of the experiments you will do, will not work. Acknowledge it and realize you are smarter because you know something does not work for you. Move on to the next one.

Throughout this experimental process, you will already be forming new habits. Just think of where you will be one to three months down the road, six to twelve months, two years from now! You will be a new person. This is where I started. It is where we can all start.

These questions and the things you will learn from them, will give you so much momentum, that you WILL reach your goals.

What can you experiment with, starting today? Let me know what you decide to do, I’d love to hear them.


Be Confident. Be Strong.


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