The word strength, or strong, can mean many different things. To some, strong might mean that you have a 2.5-3x bodyweight deadlift. Perhaps it means that you can do 10 strict pull ups. Maybe it means that you can get up and down off the ground without an issue. Strength is dependent on your goals and the meaning you attach to it. 

In Tim Anderson’s new Original Strength book, Habitual Strength, he defines strength as “the ability to live life the way that you want to live it; to be able to move, think, work, play, love, and laugh throughout your entire life, regardless of your age”.

He then poses the questions:

Are you strong and healthy as you want to be?  

Will your body allow you to live your life with the freedom that you want to enjoy?

A few stories from the gym come to mind. 

Action Jacksons

During a class, at Iron Strength Kettlebell Gym, members Jeff and Linda talked about a recent weekend they had with their kids. They went out to visit their kids, who are in their early 20’s, and ended up doing some hiking. Jeff and Linda, who are in their 60’s, mentioned that throughout their hiking trip up and down sides of cliffs/hills that they were asked repeatedly if they needed help. They politely declined. They were strong and able to trek on and stay up with their kids on this hike. Their kids were pleasantly surprised at how well their parents were doing. At one point, they told their parents that whatever they were doing, keep doing it! Jeff and Linda come to class 2-3x a week and that helps enable them to enjoy life to the fullest. This is freedom. This is strong.

Another member, Shobhan, mentioned the other day about a recent day at the park with his kids. He was able to pick his kids (he mentioned they weigh 50-70lbs now) up and hold them in the air and play with them. His friend at the park asked the question, “how can you do that”? He told me he answered, “I just do”. In the past, he also mentioned how he is able to carry them up the stairs now like it’s no big deal. Shobhan comes to the gym to train 2-4x a week. This enables him to love, play, move, and participate in his kids’ life. It helps him to be a Dad. This is freedom. This is strong.

Just this week, I was talking with another one of our members, Sheridan. We were talking about Original Strength and how helpful it is and has been. She brought up the fact that she had chronic shoulder pain for three years….three years. After joining Iron Strength, that pain was gone in three weeks…WEEKS! How awesome is that?! We do not claim to be experts in pain, but when we show people the ‘Resets’ and how we were made to move….good things happen. She can now enjoy life much more than she was because she is not held back anymore with simple daily activities. The energy and smile that pain free movement gives to someone is awesome. This is freedom. This is strong.

Hearing stories like these from our members always puts a smile on my face.  How could it not?! Making a difference in how someone can live life with more freedom is awesome. 

Being strong starts to influence and spread into other areas of your life.

Setting personal bests in the gym is awesome, but being able to be the best in your personal life is where it’s at.

Be Confident. Be Strong.


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