“I have been training with kettlebells for over 10 years and have always seen and appreciated their value as a training modality. I decided to take the step of getting my SFG and enlisted Eric as my trainer! Under his direction I achieved results. My strength increased, my cardiovascular work ability increased and I achieved flexibility long thought to be gone. His workouts were challenging, varied and we’ll adapted to my goals. He was always motivational and kept me focused. Although I am a competitive martial artist I am also a parent with a family and a full time career and life. Eric was able to integrate training with my already hectic schedule in a way to allow me to progress continually and not be overwhelmed or burn out. With his direction I was able to achieve my SFG on my first attempt!” – Derry

“I enlisted Eric to help me train for the TSC. Not only did his well thought out training plans accomodate my preferred style of training and take me from 71 to 111 snatches in 3 months, but my resting heart rate and health has improved as well. I particularly appreciated his attention to detail and consistent, helpful feedback as the competition approached.” – Phil

” Just have to tell you hat I’ve been utilizing these stabilization techniques and it has helped!!
I’ve noticed I’ve been able to increase my weight without feeling unstable. I’ve hit a new PR with little extra effort by just setting up and stabilizing properly. The weight I was doing seemed easier even after several weeks off. I felt more stabilized overall.” – Olivia

“Eric has worked with me as my personal trainer for the past 14 months and in that time he has helped me transform my strength, agility, and stamina.
I was diagnosed with throat cancer at age 60 where the treatment was very successful but very difficult. Because of the radiation treatment to my throat I had to receive all of my food and nutrition through a feeding tube for 5 months and lost 40 pounds which left me weak, tired and unsteady on my feet.
I tried exercising on my own with poor results and then a friend told me about Eric. Eric knew exactly what to do to help me and we came up with a plan. He always explains why we are doing a certain exercise and how it will benefit me. He gives great instructions on how to perform the exercises and how to use the equipment. When I forget something he is very patient in repeating the instruction and getting me back on the right track.
Also very important to me is that when we are having a training session, 100% of his focus is on me. With Eric’s help my results have been great and I feel that I am as strong as I was 20 years ago. I am most grateful to my friend who recommended Eric and that is why I am writing this letter” – John M.
” As an endurance athlete, I realized that strength training was a missing element in my training. I found myself often dealing with nagging injuries that kept me from taking my training to the next level. Eric Grimsley has helped me improve my core strength, functional strength and mobility. His training plans are a perfect balance of strength and endurance, which allowed me to work out smarter – not just harder. Since working with Eric I’ve seen my cycling and running form improve, race times improve, and kept those nagging injuries away. Best of all – Eric keeps the workouts fun and informative and always has tips to help you improve. I would recommend Eric to anyone looking to improve their strength and fitness.” Greg W.
-Roderick Henderson, Physical Therapist