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Things That Are Working #3

Alright, on to the next one!

1.) Adding Heavy Kettlebell Snatches Into My Training Plan 

I have been adding in some heavier on the minute kettlebell snatch work into my training. The StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC) is on May 4th, so I’ve been getting after my snatch work since about the start of January. It is one of my favorite kettlebell exercises to do. It is tough, but fun.

For me, heavy snatches means using the 32kg (70lbs) bell. The standard testing weight for most men is 24kg (53lbs). To pass a snatch test at a kettlebell certification, you have to get 100 reps within 5 minutes. It’s both physically and mentally tough, but with proper preparation, it can be tamed. This (100 reps) is a great goal to have for the TSC, as 100 reps in 5 minutes is no joke. It is a really great accomplishment. Some of our members have reached that mark as well as exceeded it! Proud of those folks and their effort!

Below is an example of what I have been doing for my ‘on the minute’ work for snatches.

I warm up with 16kg snatches for 1-2 minutes. I use this time to practice technique, get the blood pumping, and warm up the pattern. I have also been using this time to practice the ‘speed switch’. The speed switch is a technique used during the TSC to make a faster transition from right to left arm while snatching. I can do a video on this another time, as it is not quite for beginners. I have come to find out, it is a must to use this technique if you are wanting to compete for a top spot on the leaderboard or set a new PR (personal record).

Screenshot_20190322-133215_Video Player.jpg

After those 1-2 minutes of light snatches, I will rest for 2-3 minutes before starting my on the minute work.

Here is what the main work looks like…

Minute 1 (00:00): Snatch x 5 right arm, rest the remainder of the minute

Minute 2 (1:00): Snatch x 5 left arm, rest the remainder of the minute

Minute 3 (2:00): Snatch x 5 right arm, rest the remainder of the minute

This will continue for the time I have planned out for the training session. I have gone upwards of 35 minutes. That means I completed 35 total sets of 5 snatches with my heavy bell. You can start with 10 minutes and work your way up from there. It’s a great way to work on your power and conditioning at the same time. It also makes the bell you usually snatch, really light! It feels awesome to level up and know you’ve gotten stronger and better conditioned.

I look forward to seeing how this pays off for the competition.

2.) Fun Cooperation

Here comes another one for the parents. I got some good feedback from last weeks post that included a parenting tip. I was also talking with a Dad at the gym about this and he felt that it was a good idea and was going to try it out!

Anybody else have crazy hour with their kids at the house? I know we can’t be the only ones! This hour is generally around dinner time and that transition time before going to bed. After dinner, we will head upstairs to get the kids to brush their teeth, go to the bathroom, and then off to bed.

At times, especially during crazy hour, the kids do not want to cooperate. I came up with a fantastic solution. Enter, ‘The Night Night Train’.

Once the kids have finished their bathroom duties, they know its time for Night Night Train. My wife and I will get on all fours, “punch” their imaginary train tickets (a la Polar Express), and with a kid on board the train, we head off to their respective rooms…making pretty legit train sounds too!

It’s simple.

It’s fun.

The kids enjoy it and cooperate with us. Jedi mind trick. Boom!

This helps the night routine go a bit smoother and saves time. My wife and I now get the night routine to go faster, and that helps leave more time for us to spend together quietly to catch up on our days and such. It is good to have that time, as well as important.

So, if you aren’t already doing this, give it a shot and see if it helps! Hopefully it does!

There ya have it.

The third edition of ‘Things That Are Working’.

Hope ya’ll enjoyed it and I’ll be back with more next week!

Take care!


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