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What’s been working lately?


1.) I had a new breakthrough with rolling patterns.

In February I did the Original Strength (OS) Roll Every Day Challenge . This was an easy challenge for me because this is by far my favorite of the ‘Resets’. I was putting in 5 minutes everyday and towards the end of the month I decided to slow the rolling movements down. This is great for motor control and helping your body/brain feel and learn the movement a bit better.

I also picked up a couple cues from this research article on rolling patterns (Rolling research). I came across this article because my buddy Ben asked me if there was any OS research out there. I knew there would be some on the neurodevelopmental patterns and stumbled across this one. Adding in the cues I got from this was like fitting the final puzzle piece in the slot. I did the rolls and the aching around my neck, upper trap, and lower trap disappeared. Pretty crazy. My neck had greater range of motion looking side to side, I felt taller, and just felt relaxed. Chalk another one up for Resets. Simple and effective. *Shout out to my man, Ben for helping me stumble across that article!  (another side note: I had been getting some soft tissue work and adjustments from a chiropractor recently due to a car accident in the fall, but it wasn’t until the rolls that things completely just went away. Results could be a combination of the two).

2.) Wenning Warm Ups (Wenning Warm Ups Video )

I came across Matt Wenning via the Joe Defranco Podcast one day and I am so glad I tuned in. Joe D puts out great information that you can put to use right away. Give it a listen. The episode with Matt Wenning was filled with gold.

Matt Wenning suggests that you start your training session with 3-4 sets x 25 reps of exercises based on your weaknesses. What are your weaknesses? Pretty much the entire backside of your body. The exercises are geared towards the hamstrings, glutes, low back, posterior shoulder, upper back, triceps, and scapular muscles. Again, the entire backside. Most of these muscle groups are neglected and need more focus because of the imbalance that exists in our bodies.

I started to implement various exercises based off of these muscle groups and my body has been feeling good. Not only has the body been feeling better, but I’ve also started to see a good change in my muscle development. I started to implement these with members at the gym and we are starting to see better function of the hips and shoulders. Great stuff so far and I’m happy I’ve come across his information.

Tune in to his YouTube videos and you won’t be disappointed.


Those are two things that are currently working for me and others. Look into these things and give them a try. They are both simple and very effective. Just how I like things to be!

Take care and have a good one!


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Eric Grimsley
Sienna Plantation, TX

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