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YOU Have the Power

In life, we all come across a rough patch or some sort of obstacle in our way. When Clark Griswold was in Vegas, that blackjack dealer got in his way…or, did Clark get in his own way? 

Clark was hell bent on beating this dealer and did not have any luck (Well, on one hand he did ‘push’). Did anyone else think or say, “Why doesn’t he just get up and change tables? He may have better luck at a different table.” 


With whatever you have going on in your life, ask yourself, “Have I been sitting at this table too long?”.  

You have the power over where your life leads. If you do not like the table you are sitting at, go find some new scenery, some new energy. 

Take charge of your circumstance. Do not just sit at the same table until someone offers to take you out back, kick you in the nuts, and then call it a day. You are better than that.


Shift momentum back in your direction and become the best version of you.   

Go find a new table and do great things. 







Grimstrong © 2020

Eric Grimsley
Sienna Plantation, TX

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